Hey Beautiful Soul!

  • Are you sensitive to the feelings, energies & emotions of  everyone around you to the point where its overwhelming & drains you?

  • Do you Suffer Needlessly from Anxious feelings or from Panic attacks which are interfering in the quality of your daily life?

  • Do you struggle to have boundaries with people, finding it hard to say No even when you want to and put it down to being a 'People Pleaser'?

  • Do you suffer from Low Self Confidence, Low Self worth, or low Self Esteem due to past experiences & life trauma?

  • Do you deeply desire to feel more peace, more happiness & more love for yourself?

Would you like the support & guidance of a spiritual healer & coach to guide you through your healing & transformation journey in order to release your limiting subconscious beliefs, heal from your past & truly step into the best version of yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the above then I can help you......

Hi, I'm Derek O Shea and I'm a certified  ThetaHealing┬« practitioner. by using advanced energy healing techniques & coaching, I empower sensitive souls just like you to step into the best version of themselves possible. Interested in working with me? 

Book a complimentary discovery call by using the link below & lets connect.




I've had quite a few sessions with Derek now, and I can highly recommend both Theta Healing itself as well as Derek as a practitioner. I have a long history of anxiety and depression and I could feel a sense of calm and peace right after the first session. We also worked on my fear of flying and I felt so much calmer when I took a plane a few days after our session.

Derek is excellent at getting to the core of the issue & uncovering the root cause which I've learnt now are deep in our of subconscious minds.He will do so in a straightforward and yet genuinely empathetic way; not only did my problems, and the pain that goes along with them, get the validation they needed, but I also felt very safe and in good hands.

Now, I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my heart. 

If you are curious you should give it a try. You've got nothing to lose, really. All you need to do is keep your heart and your mind open.

~ Marie ~ Dublin